Student Mentoring

“Educating young people is the responsibility of everyone, because our youth represent the future. Given the current physician shortages, I am committed to exposing high school and college students to this most noble profession, with a focus on expanding minority representation. My desire is to inspire and to help empower young people to realize their dreams to enter the medical profession. Current trends indicate that the supply of physicians is inadequate – in all specialties – to meet the demand for health care providers. That is why teaching has been my lifelong passion, and why it is my mission to serve and make a difference in the Tampa community.”

Dr. Kyron Tamar
General Surgeon

 “As a professional myself, I know how hard it can be to donate time to all the good causes that exist. Dr. Tamar never complains and I know that he often has to juggle his responsibilities to make time to be here with our joint efforts towards opening new worlds of opportunity to youth. He has always been there when I have called upon him to talk to our   health career students.   My non-profit, Brain Expansions Scholastic Training, Inc. partners with communities and especially youth in at-risk communities to help them achieve career goals in health care.   Dr. Tamar, as a presenter, is a one-man show, singlehandedly captivating my youth with his plethora of academic and clinical experiences.  His in-depth knowledge of emotional intelligence makes his audience a magnet to this concept, because he attaches it to their success.   He inspires them to want to learn more and understand that discipline, hard work and good grades are key ingredients to their futures. The truth is that we need a million more like Dr. Tamar.”

Dr. Dexter Frederick
CEO & Founder of B.E.S.T.
Brain Expansions Scholastic Training Program (B.E.S.T)

 If you are a high school or college student interested in becoming a physician, please read the following links before contacting Dr. Tamar.  
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