Student Testimonials

“After shadowing Dr. Tamar, I realized that a good doctor is not only intelligent, but he/she must possess empathy, understanding, the ability to teach, and most importantly love for the art and the science of medicine. Dr. Tamar is a reflection of the type of physician that I hope to become. His patients trust him because he not only treats them, but he develops a relationship with them.  He allows his patients to play an active role in their medical care by making sure that his patients understand their disease, and their options for treatment and surgical procedures. Nevertheless, although he may give his recommendations, he respects the decision of his patients. I am grateful that Dr. Tamar decided to be a mentor in the B.E.S.T program because he is preparing future physicians like me to become amazing doctors in the future.”

Angel Augustin, Pre-Medical Student, B.E.S.T/ R.I.S.E Program

“Dr. Tamar is not only a very inspirational and passionate physician but also a wonderful teacher. As his student I not only learned about surgical procedures but also about increasing my emotional quotient.  He is very kindhearted and understanding with his patients and his students. Dr. Tamar goes out of his way to make his patients feel comfortable and secure about the sometimes risky procedures they will be subjected to. When shadowing Dr. Tamar, I was truly inspired by the passion and the drive he has for his career.”

Ivonne M. DelValle, Fourth-year Student at USF Majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry emphasis

“The first time I met Dr. Tamar, I was a little intimidated based on his credentials. After talking to him, he greeted me with such humility and kindness it was shocking. I asked to shadow him and without any hesitation, he agreed.  I have met so many doctors in my college career who wouldn’t even give a second of their time, but Dr. Tamar sat down and talked to us for over an hour. We were so captivated by his passion and love for medicine that we couldn’t help but ask to hear more. The day I shadowed him, he explained all the procedures that he was going to do and asked me questions to see if I understood the things that went on. One of the many experiences that I enjoyed was watching him talk to the family after the surgery. It felt so great to hear him say, Everything went well and to see the smile on their faces. The joy that gave me was a sign I was in the right field.  The surgeries that I saw were my first up close and real procedures. I was really nervous and of course worried of passing out and disrupting the surgery, but Dr Tamar reassured me that everything would be ok, and I knew I could trust him. The way he preformed those surgeries with such skill and expertise and I can honestly say it is my dream to become as good of a surgeon as he is one day.”

Andre Daley, USF premed Student